Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Banyak Perkara Lucu!!

orang berebut2 Lucu ya!!
Duit RM50 kelihatan begitu besar
bila dibawa ke masjid
Tapi kelihatan begitu kecil je

bila dibawa ke supermarket

Lucu ya!!
susah sungguh merangkai kata2
untuk dipanjatkan saat berdoa
Tapi betapa mudahnya
mencari bahan bersembang bila bertemu sahabat

Lucu ya!!

susah sangat baca Al-Quran 1 juzuk sahaja
Tapi kalau novel
1 juta halaman pun habis dilahap!!

Hmm..apakah semua ini.. Tepuk dada,tanya iman...

Monday, February 8, 2010

keindahan alam ciptaan Allah..

cahaya yg menerangi bumi dari matahari adalah kurniaan Allah yg amat bernilai bagi hidupan di muka bumi ini.


This discussion would be unprofitable if it did not lead us to appreciate the wisdom of our Creator, and the wondrous knowledge of the Author of the world, who in the beginning created the world out of nothing and set everything in number, measure and weight, and then in time and age
of man formulated a science which reveals fresh wonders the more we
study it. Hrovista of Gandersheim (980 AD)
All of us, at one time or another, have been compelled to contemplate creation. Questions such as the purpose of our lives and the existence of God, have been pondered upon from time immemorial. There have always been those who choose to interpret the harmony and order of the cosmos as a fluke of nature, but a closer look gives clear evidence of a design, and thus a designer. The discoveries being made on all frontiers are making this picture clearer by the day.
Most contemporary scientists are agnostics. If they profess a religious belief, they keep their science and their religion in totally separate compartments of their lives. The conventional scientific view considers mathematics as the foremost example of a field where reason is supreme, where emotions do not enter, where we know with certainty, and know that we know; where the truths of today are truths forever. This view considers religion, by contrast, a realm of pure belief unaffected by reason. Therefore, in the view of the scientist, all religions are equal because all have been equally incapable of verification or justification.
For any subject to be a proven fact, be it a law of physics or the Ten Commandments from the Torah, proof needs to be given. Proof basically means that a statement is true beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is validation and certification. It is the seal of authority, the mathematical power, the electric voltage, that vitalizes the static assertion about any subject. Proof is thus a celebration of the power of pure reason.

Proof is a procedure by which a proposition about the unseen reality can be established with finality by a process of deduction and conclusion, and thus be made acceptable by all. Since a mathematical question will have only one definite answer, then different mathematicians, using different methods, working in different centuries and places will arrive at the same answer. Thus a mathematicalproof is unaffected by time or space.Galileo stated that mathematics is the language in which God wrote the universe. This is now a demonstrated fact. The universe expresses itself naturally in the language of mathematics. The force of gravity diminishes as the second power of distance, the planets move around the sun in ellipses, etc. Mathematics is thus a symbolic counterpart of the universe. It is the science of quantity and space, of pattern and structure. It is the methodology wherein hypothesis leads to conclusion.Mathematics provides irrefutable proof about the subject under consideration. It forms the very structure of the world, containing truths that are valid forever. Mathematics forms an integral part of all sciences, for example, medicine, astronomy, physics, engineering, sociology and Psychology.Mathematics is a science of the infinite. Its goal is the symbolic comprehension of the infinite with human, that is finite, means. It now elaborates a theology which declares the nature of God and the relationship of God and man.This is the age of science and reason. It is impossible for an intelligent person to accept the existence of God or the divine origin of any religion on blind faith. We need proof from God Himself, and if He is really what He tells us He is, namely omniscient and omnipotent, He should be able to give us ample proof.The only scripture which is still preserved in its entirety and in its original language is the Final Testament. It is a fact that the original Torah of the prophets of Israel is lost, and we do not have the Gospel of Jesus but that of his followers, nor do we have the original scriptures of the Hindus or the Buddhists. What we have now are the writings of humans who profess to know the original scripture.The Final Testament was entered into the computer in the 1970's. A unique phenomenon was discovered which has never been found in any other book. Irrefutable evidence has since emerged that the original language of the revelation was written in a way which conforms to a complex mathematical pattern. As research has continued it has been found that every element of the book is mathematically composed -- the chapters, the verses, the words, the numbers of certain letters, the number and variety of divine names, the unique spelling of certain words, and many other elements. Because of this comprehensive mathematical coding, the slightest distortion of the Quran's text or physical arrangement is immediately exposed. The mathematical composition leaves no doubt as to its divine origin. Numbers do not lie. In this volume, Abdullah Arik has presented as complete a picture of this code as is possible at this point. New parameters continue to be discovered at a breath taking rate.Mr. Arik is particularly well qualified for this task. His contributions to this research have been surpassed only by the man who originally discovered the code in the 1970's, Dr. Rashad Khalifa. Dr. Khalifa was prepared for the initial scientific research that led to the discovery of this code by his rigorous training as a PhD biochemist. Mr. Arik's background, as an engineering consultant in geostatistics, mining and computer applications, has given him the knowledge and scientific curiosity to objectively investigate the code further. His investigation, along with that of others, has yielded stunning results.Mathematics, the science of the infinite, has thus unveiled one of the greatest miracles known to mankind thus providing the ultimate proof beyond a shadow of a doubt about the existence of the one God and His final message to humanity.

i luv my mum =)

info2.. =)

Muhammad bin Abdullah atau Nabi Muhammad adalah nabi dan utusan Allah. Bagi orang Islam,apabila bertemu dengan perkataan tersebut,digalakkan berselawat (berdoa) untuknya.

Di dalam al-Quran,surah al-Ahzab ayat 56,Allah menyatakan yang bermaksud,”Sesungguhnya Allah dan para malaikat-Nya berselawat kepada nabi. Wahai orang-orang beriman,berselawatlah kamu kepadanya dan ucapkanlah salam penghormatan kepadanya.”

Al-Nasai dan Ibnu Hibban melaporkan, Nabi Muhammad berpesan,”Sesungguhnya orang yang paling dekat denganku pada Hari Kiamat adalah orang yang paling banyak berselawat kepadaku.”

Oleh itu,saya mengambl kesempatan ini untuk menyeru Umat Islam supaya membaca selawat,”Allahumma solli ‘ala saidina Muhammad wa ‘ala aalihi wa as-haabihi ajma’iin”. Maksudnya,” Ya Allah,kurniakanlah kepujian ke atas Nabi Muhammad,ahli keluarga dan sekalin sahabat-sahabat baginda.”